Camden Grey Essential Oils

Lime Margarita fragrance oil

Product Description

PHTHALATE FREE. Lime Margarita: A vibrant fragrance combining tart lemon and sweet green lime with mellow Mexican agave. Our tester says this is a lot better than the lime margarita FO from many other suppliers out there. We just love to smell this one .. it is great!

In CP this FO was a real winner, color is that of light honey, evenly dispersed, scent is strong and true. In HP again, a winner. Didn’t discolor. Nice, strong, genuine scent, very genuine and pleasant! In MP, genuine lime scent and that margarita/tequila kick behind it. Behaved itself admirably in MP, clear, didn’t eat plastic, incorporated well. Overall, a truly fabulous FO.

Flashpoint: 155F

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