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Licorice Powder

Product Description

Licorice, also known as sweet grass root and powdered grass, is a traditional natural sweetener and a traditional Chinese herbal medicine in China, and has a wide range of uses. Licorice has a sweet taste and aromatic smell, and can be used as a sweet seasoning instead of sugar in cooking, with unique flavor and nutritional value.
Licorice Powder can also be medicine ingredient.

1 . Licorice Powder belongs to a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which can achieve the effect of relieving cough and resolving phlegm, and can improve the cough with excessive phlegm and sticky phlegm caused by lung dryness and lung heat, and can also improve the irritating dry cough and prolonged cough, and can also play a certain effect on relieving cough for deficiency cough.

2 . Licorice Powder also has the function of tonifying the spleen , which can be used to improve the panic and palpitations and chest tightness and shortness of breath caused by the weakness of the spleen and stomach, and can also play a role in regulating the weakness of the limbs and mental lethargy, and can also help improve appetite and help relieve the symptoms of loss of appetite.

3 . Licorice Powder also has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, can be used to improve the symptoms of fire caused by various reasons, such as liver fire and stomach fire. It can relieve the dry mouth and sore throat caused by fire, and can also play a role in regulating the effect of short, red and yellow urine and dry stools.

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