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iYURA Kesaradi Face Oil

Product Description

  • 3 DROPS TO DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS: Get an instant glow and deep moisturization with the signature blend of Saffron, Turmeric, Rose and 16 powerful Ayurvedic herbs with just 3 drops every morning and evening. Kesaradi Ayurvedic oil is based on an ancient formulation called ‘The Beauty Elixir’ and only 3 drops are enough to revitalize skin and bring a deep glow
  • ILLUMINATING AND MOISTURIZING FACIAL OIL: Flaunt radiant, soft and nourished skin with daily use of Kesaradi. It locks in moisture for a long time and creates a protective barrier, making it an effective face oil for dry skin. It is Tri-doshic in nature, which means it balances all skin types. If you’ve used natural skincare before, this is 1 step ahead
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND NON-STICKY FACE MOISTURIZER: Gentle, non-greasy and quick-absorbing facial moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin that makes skin glow without any oily residue. It is so light on the skin that your skin will drink it up within seconds. Not only will you love its gorgeous aroma but also your bare skin with regular use
  • AUTHENTIC, NATURAL AYURVEDIC FACE OIL YOU’LL LOVE: Kesaradi Oil is all natural with 0 Chemicals and has been cooked as per Authentic Ayurvedic methods. You’ll find only high quality, clean ingredients in The Ayurveda Experience Oils. It has No Parabens, Mineral Oils, Additives or Synthetic fragrance. We never test on animals
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: This unique face oil’s moisturizing and brightening abilities are unparalleled. We’re sure your mature skin will love this indulging experience. But just in case you feel this is not for you, we will give your entire money back!

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