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Horse Mint Essential Oil

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Horse mint (also known as wild mint) is a fast-growing perennial herb of which 3-5 mm long lilac, purplish, or white flowers have strong characteristic aroma. As one of the 47 species of mint family, it grows wild in Europe, Australia, and North Africa. Horse mint has been commonly consumed as a green vegetable, spice, additive with various foods and medicinal plant for centuries.

The essential oil of horse mint is used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, tobacco and food industries. The chemical composition is quite variable depending on the habitat and climate where the plant grows.

Goya Botanicals Horse Mint Essential Oil is obtained by unpressurized steam distillation of the aerial parts of the wild grown plants. Different from other mint species it has a pleasant aroma, not harsh and medicinal but with lovely green character and sweet notes. The main constituents of Goya Botanicals Horse Mint Essential Oil is eucalyptol, pulegone and menthone.

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