Hing Oil

Product Description

Hing Oil also known by the name of Ferula assa-foetida, is most aromatic oil with perfect smell of hing. With string hing fragrance and bitter acidic taste, this oil contains several chemical elements such as Voltile Oil (10-17%), Gum (approx. 25%), Resin (40 – 64 %) and Ash (1.5 to 10 %). Our offered oil has nervine stimulant, anthelminthic and expectorant properties which is makes it perfect to be used in curing flatulence, growth of indigenous microflora in gut and toothache, etc. Further, this oil has effective ingredients which makes it able to fight against infections like viral fever and influenza.

Hing Oil ( Asafoetida Oil) helps in making conditions people better who are struggling with digestion , constipation, asthma and bronchitis issues. Since ages, this oil is used as a remedy that is apt to be given to children who are suffering from common cold-infection.

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