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Herbal Tea (Kadha)

Product Description

Also known as Tisanes and in Indian households known as ‘Kadha’. This Vedic Kadha herbal tea is a beverage made with the infusion of different herbs, spices, and other healthy plant materials, consumed by pouring in hot water which gives us herbal tea benefits . Unique fizzing tablets that dissolve in hot water instantly gives you perfect immunity booster herbal tea in just 30 seconds. No residue, no mess!

About this item

  • The Herbal Tea tablet is 100% organic as it is made with the finest and most authentic ingredients. There are no such side effects; rather it makes the daily process of tea consuming fast, easy, and healthy.
  • Perfectly safe to drink and healthier than the regular tea you consume. It will automatically dissolve in 200 ml water in less than 45 seconds.
  • Fat-burning and improves metabolism.
  • Keep hair strong and skin healthy
  • Beneficial for Flu, Sore Throat, Cough
  • Improves sleep and reduces stress
  • Beneficial in covid-19 by boosting immunity
  • Improves digestion (relief from ulcer constipation)
  • Prevent the formation of kidney stones


Green tea extract | Banafsha powder | Long pepper powder | Mulethi powder | Giloy powder | Bark of Arjun (Ashok Chaal) powder | Ginger powder | Black pepper | Black salt | Cinnamon powder | Neembu satva powder| Fresh cardamon extract

Storage advice

Store in a cool and dark place. Can be stored in a refrigerator/freezer.

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