Herbal Strategi

Herbal Fly Repellent

Product Description

If you’ve got fed up with these irritating buzzing flies all over your house, it’s time to get rid of them. Not only because they irritate you but also because they’re the carriers of disease-causing bacteria. They won’t and don’t need to bite you to transmit these bacteria to your body. They will simply sit on the open foods that lie on your kitchen slab or on the dining table and leave the bacteria in these foods.

When you eat these foods, your body gets all the nasty bacteria to make you ill with such diseases as Dysentery, Typhoid, Diarrhoea, and Cholera. Make sure you and your family are protected from the housefly menace by getting the Herbal Strategi Just Out, a herbal fly repellent that is not only effective but also safe for use!

The pleasant smell of the natural Fly repellent spray is an extra bonus, and this organic housefly-repellent spray can easily be mistaken for a room freshener.

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