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Gamma Butyrolactone

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Gamma Butyrolactone uses and applications include: Intermediate for synthesis of polyvinylpyrrolidone, piperidine, phenylbutyric acid, aliphatic and cyclic compds., production of Vitamins B1 and E, alkaloids, analgesics, anesthetics; dyeing of acetate; solvent for polyacrylonitrile, cellulose acetate, methyl methacrylate polymers, polystyrene, paints, fluorinated hydrocarbons, cellulose triacetate, shellac, cosmetics; solvent, stabilizer for pharmaceuticals; pharmaceutical intermediate; reactiondiluent solvent for pesticides; constituent of paint removers, textile aids, drilling oils; flavoring agent for candy, soy milk; in paint removers, petrol. processing, inks; wetting agent for cellulose acetate films, fibers, solvent welding of plastic films in adhesive applications FEMA#: 3291 Suggested storage of Gamma Butyrolactone: Hygroscopic




Flavor , Cosmetic , Pharmaceutical


Intermediates , Acid , Stabilizer , Flavor

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