Frankincense (Olibanum) essential oil – Organic

Product Description

Processing method of frankincense essential oil organic: steam distillation
Part of the plant: resin
Drops/ml: 23
Odour: Resinous, woody, with a note of citrus and green
Chakra: Crown
Origin: Somalia


Monoterpenes: alpha-pinene (30 to 58%), limonene (2 to 16%), myrcene (1 to 10%)

Family: Burseraceae
The frankincense is also known as olibanum.
The tree that produces the precious resin is native to the Sultanate of Oman. To harvest the gum, we have to make an incision in the bark. The resin concretions are collected by dropping them into a container. On contact with air, the resin secretions harden and are collected a few weeks later which will then be distilled to obtain the oil. The process is possible on trees that are older than a decade. Pharaohs used oliban incense to fight off unpleasant odours. Perfumes also use this essential oil to fix perfumes. Frankincense is likewise mentioned in the Bible, but ist is more likely referring to the resin.
Yield: 8kg of oil = about 100 kgs of aerial parts


  • Anti-depressive +++
  • Anti-infectious ++: prevents fungal development
  • Anti-inflammatory++
  • Healing ++: it limits contamination of the area by bacteria and stimulates skin protection
  • Relaxing++: ideal for creating a feeling of meditation, relaxation, self-help…
  • Anti-catarrh, expectorant++: it makes the mucus fluid thus favouring its expulsion and freeing the respiratory tract
  • Stimulates the immune system++: it increases the organism’s natural defences and also makes it less vulnerable to infections

♦Main psycho-emotional properties – soothes and calms♦

  • gets up and up,
  • calms anxiety,
  • balancing,
  • opens up to spirituality,
  • elevates the mind,
  • helps to develop communication,
  • restores harmony between physical and mental,

Boswellia carterii has already been tested in numerous studies on tumour cells and has shown positive effects on stimulating the immune system.

Prefer Frankincense Olibanum (Boswellia carterii) for all rituals and personal development and Indian frankincense is excellent for dissolving physical rigidities (joints, etc.)

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