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Frankincense Essential Oil

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100% Pure Essential Oil
Boswellia carterii

Country of origin: Somalia

In the tropics of East Africa, the Frankincense trees in Somalia produces resins where our 100% Pure Frankincense Essential Oil are then extracted from. The Frankincense is highly valuable since history where it was given the name of ‘Pure Incense’ and the Frankincense incense was used in many religious ceremonies and rituals.

Given its name and origin, the Frankincense scent is calming for relaxation of the mind. When in search for a calming and earthy scent, Frankincense is what you are looking for.

A spicy scent companied by an earthy scent with a hint of wood.

Frankincense pairs well with a range of other oils. That includes most citrus and others woody scents like Sandalwood and Cedarwood.

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