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Frangipani Attar – Pure Natural Undiluted (Non-Alcoholic)

Product Description

Hindi/Urdu name– Ittar

Application– looks dashing as well as grabs the fragrance of the pure natural flavor scent. Attract the most of attentions of the people.

Origin– India

Color– yellow

Alcohol– no alcohol

Product description

It has the smell of citrus as well as resembles faintly the unusual scent of pomelo blossoms and it is extracted too by Hydro-Distillation process. Frangipani attar is mainly used in massage as well as having perfumery smell and aromatherapy and massage therapy. It can also be used as therapy. It is something yellow in color and blends well with sandalwood essential oil. It is very delicate, appealing and loving citrusy aroma. If you want to make your health as well as keep the fragrance of nature to you, you should select these stuffs in your daily lives. It is really very effective when it comes to your health and look.

Known benefits

• If you want to look good, you have to add some useful things in your look that enhance it. Adding these things in your life will not only enhance your look but also increase your confidence. You can remove bad smells from your clothes and keep them smell fresh.
• Remove the old clothing smells from your cloths. It is the pure natural smell that can be taken by using these perfume ones in a day.
• Adding this daily in your life will give you a pure natural idea and increase your confidence while talking others.
• It has not any side effect and it is totally free from alcohol and you will not get any stress or headache while using it.


• You can use this perfume on daily basis and hire it for daily will enhance your look. You will be known by all when they feel this smelling.
• If you want to add these things on special occasions, you will get the most of attention of the people when you pass through them.


You can use this perfume at many occasions like on birthday parties, any festival or if you are going on your first date or usual date, you can make it better by grabbing the smell of this perfume. You will feel like you are very special and definitely be happy when your loved ones will accept the proposal.

• Birthday
• Marriage
• Events
• Festival

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