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Foot Spray

Product Description

Dermosoft® decalact deo+ Sage oil + Pine needle oil + Rosemary oil + Menthol + Vitamin complex: B3, B5, B6, C and E

100% based on natural ingredients!

It regulates excessive sweating and eliminates bad odor by preventing the decomposition of sweat. It has a disinfecting effect and can protect your feet from bacteria and fungi!

Decalact Dermosoft® deodorant

It is a natural ingredient with an excellent antimicrobial role.

Dermosoft® decalact deo controls the microorganisms responsible for breaking down sweat into odorous compounds. It has the ability to block the esterase enzyme that decomposes sweat. May be an alternative to triclosan and climbazole.

Effective against microorganisms that cause skin diseases, such as:

skin odor

* The efficacy of Dermosoft®: decalact deo has been demonstrated in an in vivo sni study.


Foot spray is indicated when visiting public swimming pools, saunas, changing rooms, public showers, when walking barefoot.

The foot spray is perfect for those who have problems with foot or shoe odor!

Ideal for runners and athletes whose feet and shoes stink. This product can be used before and after running, jogging, climbing, cross country and other sports.

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