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Fine lavender floral water


Product Description

Renowned for purifying, cleansing and healing oily to combination and/or irritated skin, this floral water is also recommended against skin problems (acne, redness, bites, etc.) and recognized as an excellent antiparasitic.

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Particularly suitable for oily or combination skin and hair as well as damaged and irritated skin, this product acts as an excellent lotion after make-up removal. Lavender hydrosol is a very good antiseptic and purifier, it cleans and softens the skin. Astringent, it firms your epidermis. It is a gentle healing agent that helps your epidermis to repair its small imperfections. It is very effective for acne-prone skin. Floral water also fights against the appearance of wrinkles thanks to its regenerating and astringent properties. Excellent refreshing and applied directly to the skin after sun exposure, this hydrosol calms redness, sunburn, irritation and itching from insect bites. In mouthwash,

On the hair or mixed with your shampoo, it acts on the scalp and the roots and thus fights against oily hair and lice. 

Obtained by slow steam distillation – Loaded with water-soluble active ingredients – No added synthetic fragrances – Undiluted.

Warning:  Hydrolats are sensitive products. To better preserve them, we advise you to store them away from light and heat and to use them quickly after opening.

Floral water has a very different scent than fine lavender and has no interest in being used as a perfume.

250 ml spray bottle
INCI ingredients: lavandula augustifolia water extract.
100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

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