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Evodia Rutaecarpa Extract

Product Description

Packaging Type Packet
Brand Vital Herbs
Grade Standard Medicine Grade
Part Type Herb
Product Type API
Usage Clinical, Personal
Packaging Size 5 Kg
Evodia rutaecarpa Extract Evodiamine Evodia rutaecarpa (Juss.) Evodiamine is a bioactive alkaloid extract from a plant called Evodia rutaecarpa (Juss.).
This is a Chinese herb named Wu-Chu-Yu that Chinese herbalist have used for centuries as a weight loss supplement. No known human studies have been published till now. Based on studies done in laboratories using isolated cells and rodents, evodiamine can raise body temperature, inhibit the growth and metastases of certain cancer cells in vitro, influence the metabolism of certain drugs, and influence the secretion of catecholamines from the adrenal glands.Evodiamine stimulates the vanilloids to reduce the uptake of fat and increase the natural rate of burning fat. Recent scientific studies have backed up this traditional knowledge. Mammals fed a high-fat diet plus evodiamine actually lose, rather than gain weight. This herbal extract is a mild, yet remarkable stimulant that has shown positive energy and diuretic characteristics. Even more exciting is its unique ability to significantly elevate the production of body heat and increase resting core temperature.

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