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Essence of Australia Face Cleanser

Product Description

225ml Essence of Australia Face Cleanser.

Coconut. Lavender. Jojoba. Avocado. Sandalwood. Agonis Fragrans. Natural Vitamin E. Cajeput. Lilly Pilly. Kakadu Plum. Quandong. Purifying & Gentle Face Cleanser in a Pump-top Bottle



Essence of Australia is one of our Small Batch experiences that feature some of our favourite ingredients. They are the perfect place to start exploring our range.

The skin on your face is what everyone sees & having it looking, smelling & feeling great has some serious benefits.

For your skin to look & feel its best, it’s imperative to remove all the impurities as part of your skin regime, especially on your face. And nothing feels as good as that feeling of absolute cleanliness.

Our facial cleanser will remove impurities from your skin without compromising its natural balance. Impurities will literally slip right off your face to leave your face clean , refreshed & feeling great.

We’ve also included natural oils, fruit extracts & Vitamin E to nourish, restore & hydrate as you cleanse.

You can even use it as a gentle make-up remover.

We’ve lovingly combined the fragrances of Lavender, Sandalwood, Coarse Tea Tree  & Cajeput with the Essence of Australia favourites of Lilly Pilly, Kakadu Plum & Quandong to create something special. Like all Essence of Australia products it’s wonderfully earthy with a little kick of sweet – just like Australia.

Essence of Australia celebrates uniquely Australian scents combined with a little Surf Coast Soul.

All the fragrances in Essence of Australia come from essential oils, with no fake perfume or fragrant oils – the scents are long lasting and all natural.

Our company was born by the sea & is inspired by nature. As proud members of the Surf Coast community we donate part of our profits to local Surf Life Saving Clubs.

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