Essence Des Plantes – Organic Face Oil For Combination Skin

Product Description

Your complexion will look softer, and healthier with Organic Face Oil For Combination Skin

“You are what you wear” ….. Our Essence Des Plantes Organic Face Oil. Fresh, floral, oriental. This exotic formulation exudes style and mystery.

Discover the sumptuous blend of eight carefully chosen organic botanicals. Enjoy the exceptional hydrating and balancing benefits. Intensely soothing, healthy, and hydrating. The oil absorbs quickly and evenly, smoothing patchy complexions. Others will notice.

The fragrance is exotically oriental, with a dash of the West. Flirt with oh-so floral Ylang Ylang. A delicious wink of Geranium. And mellow with Clary Sage. The oils will nourish, the fragrance will nourish the soul. And you will feel and see improvements in your skin by using Organic Face Oil For Combination Skin

Essence Des Plantes Face Oil Produces Immediate  Benefits

Dr. Mike Thair, our Penang-based Australian Master Formulator, comments on his formulation:

“Once we reach our late 30s, wrinkles suddenly look deeper. This is because your skin’s natural oils decrease. As a result, moisture barriers break down, and your skin dries out. There may be other factors as well. For example environmental. Stress.

And when considering an Organic Face Oil For Combination Skin, I prefer to formulate using only organic plant oils. These are lipophilic, or fat-loving. They pass through the lipid layer quickly. This prevents water loss and plumps the skin with moisture. I spend a lot of time trying various combinations of oils. The feel has the be right. It must go on smoothly. We try all the combinations on ourselves.”

For best results, team up with our natural wash. Both of our washes are made using extra virgin olive imported from Australia.  It’s super mild, and super cleansing. Add a small amount of either wash to your damp hands, work up a lather, and then apply. Then rinse well with water.

And it’s just not for combination skin, it can be used equally effectively on other skin types as well. Discover Organic Face Oil For Combination Skin today.

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