ESPINHEIRA SANTA ( Maytenus ilicifolia Reissek)

Product Description

Leaves whole, cut or powder form.

Others common names: Holy Thorn and Mayten.

Chemical Constituents: alkaloids (maytansinoids, maytansine), triterpenoid,quinones   tannins and flavonoids.

Properties: antiulcer (prevents or helps in healing peptic ulcers, anlagesic, gastrointestinal antiseptic, astringent, wound-healing). Maytansine hás shown antitumoral effect, but it is toxic and not used.

Uses: It is used as a tea for peptic ulcers and dyspeptic disorders (heartburn, stomach pain, flatulence). In traditional medicine it is used for its claimed contraceptive effect. Externally it is used (as a wash) for ulcers and chronic diseases (eczema).

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