Divyam-Charcoal Free Premium Dhoop Sticks

Product Description

When there are multiple brands, types & aroma options available in the market, we specialise in offering unique Charcoal Free Premium Dhoop sticks. We do not intend to offer strong/harsh aromas because it leads to headaches in some people.

Do Try & Feel the Difference !!

• Dhoop Sticks hold more fragrance as there are no Bamboo sticks in them.

• We use premium raw material & opt for nature friendly elements in our products.

• Use it every day in morning & in the evening basis so as to help in eradicating the negative energy and attaining your spiritual goals.

• We have tried to move away from traditional fragrances & will be offering some different Aromas to help in creating a peaceful, pleasant & refreshing Experience.

• Try our Varied range of Charcoal Free Premium Dhoop sticks

We offer below mentioned Dhoop sticks

  • Mesmerizing Rose
  • Royal Chandan
  • Royal Saffron
  • Tangy Pineapple.
  • Divyam
  • Patchouli
  • Sai Leela

Please do provide your valuable feedback .This help us to improve & add update appropriate product range.

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