Curcuma Aromatica Root Powder

Product Description

Natural scrub that will help old skin cells to come off gently, revealing new skin cells. For brighter and healthier skin.

Facial Mask
For Brighter and clearer Skin :
Curcuma Aromatica Root Powder +Calcium Carbonate Powder + Yogurt or Honey
Suitable for every skin types

Body Scrub
Curcuma Aromatica Root Powder + Turmeric Powder + Calcium Carbonate Powder + Yogurt or Honey.
Suitable for every skin types

* Methods above are only the recommended ingredients, Users can choose other ingredients according to personal preferences.

* After opening for use, the bag should be closed tightly

Notification number: 10-1-6200030565 Type of cosmetic product: Facial scrub and cleansing product

It is the best of the well-known Burmese herbs, which helps reduce excess sebum and naturally smoothen and whiten the skin’s cells.

How to use : Apply the mixture of product and water well on entire of face or body, leave it for 5-10 a treating mask or massage in area you desire. Rinse off with water. This product can be mixed with honey or yogurt for oily skin, and combined with fresh water or mineral water for dry skin condition.

Body scrub : Should be scrubbed along the elbows, crooks, groin, or areas with extra dark spots.

Suggestion :
Oily skin should use 2-3 times / week, dry skin or combination skin should use 1-2 times / week

size 20 g.

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