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99.98% Natural-Origin, Whole-Body Moisture MistWhole-Body Moisture Mist

Mist-type lotion you can spray on whenever you like, be it after bath, when fixing makeup or before going to bed.
It will moisturise not just your face but also your body and hair, while refreshing your mood with lemon myrtle’s herbal yet freshly squeezed lemon-like scent.

COSMOS Organic Certified

COSMOS Organic is only granted to products that pass extremely rigorous regulations that require products to be free of petroleum-based ingredients and comprised almost entirely of ingredients of natural origin. Moreover, the ingredients must be not just nearly 100% natural origin, but at least 20% must be organically produced. Similarly, the manufacturing process is strictly controlled to exclude the use of genetically modified ingredients or methods that negatively affect the environment.

Strictly 100% Plant-Based Moisturising Ingredients

With natural organic Okinawa Tankan citrus fruit water as the base, 7 natural organic ingredients, including rosemary, lavender and sage, and 12 other natural plant-based ingredients are generously blended. With 100% natural plant-based moisturising ingredients, our moisturising mist will gently hydrate your skin and hair.

Original Blend of 3 Natural Organic Essential Oils

To the refreshing scent of lemon myrtle oil, sandalwood oil is blended to add a deeper, sweet note. The scent is elevated further with orange peel oil and natural organic Okinawa Tankan citrus fruit water.

Up the Moisturising Power with Natural “Snow Fungus Polysaccharide”

Formulated with botanical polysaccharide extracted from snow fungus (Tremella fuciformis) that boasts high moisturising power. Our moisture mist gently blends into your skin without leaving a sticky feeling, giving a refreshing sensation after use.

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