citrea Hand Cream

Product Description

Hand cream that adds soft scent to your hands

Organic hand cream featuring the fresh scent and anti-microbial action of lemon myrtle essential oil.
Refreshing and light, plant-based moisturising power brings freshness to your hands and skin.

COSMOS Organic Certified

COSMOS Organic is only granted to products that pass extremely rigorous regulations that require products to be free of petroleum-based ingredients and comprised almost entirely of ingredients of natural origin. Moreover, the ingredients must be not just nearly 100% natural origin, but at least 20% must be organically produced. Similarly, the manufacturing process is strictly controlled to exclude the use of genetically modified ingredients or methods that negatively affect the environment.

Original Blend of XNUMX Natural Organic Essential Oils

To the refreshing scent of lemon myrtle oil, sandalwood oil is blended to add a deeper, sweet note. The scent is elevated further with orange peel oil and natural organic Okinawa Tankan citrus fruit water.

Lush with 10 Natural-Origin Plant-Derived Moisturising Ingredients

Generously formulated with natural organic moisturising ingredients such as Okinawa Tankan citrus fruit water, coconut oil, rosemary, lavender and sage, plus natural sunflower wax and beeswax for a total of 11 natural moisturising ingredients. The power of Nature will guide you to healthy, vibrant hands and skin.

Clean Cosmetic, Clean Beauty.

No artificial preservatives and synthetic fragrances are used — paraben- and phenoxyethanol-free to make it safe for sensitive skin. For sustainability considerations, we offer “clean beauty” that focuses on environmentally friendly processes for manufacturing our products.

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