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Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum), also known as Ceylon cinnamon. It is an old age and popular spice from the family lauraceae. People have used cinnamon since 2000 BC. The name cinnamon derived from the Greek word kinnámōmon, meaning sweet wood. This spice is native to Sri Lanka and spread over South East Asia. The cinnamon tree is not more than 15 metres height and usually grows in well-drained soils. The spice is brown color. It is inside the dried inner bark, has a sharp earthy aroma and a warm sweet flavour. Due to its strong fragrance, cinnamon is famous in aroma and essence industries, often incorporated in perfume and aromatherapy products. In addition, cinnamon is used as flavouring agent in variety of foodstuffs such as beverages, confectioneries and is very popular in bakery goods. As a spice, cinnamon also plays a good combination with savoury dishes as people like to add in the cooking to increase the deliciousness of the dishes.

Cinnamon is good at control our blood sugar. It can lower the blood glucose level after meal by slowing down the carbohydrate break down in our digestive tract. Besides, it also mimics the blood sugar management hormone, insulin, in order to regulate blood sugar.

Cinnamon is effective in control cholesterol level that may block our arteries. It will decrease the bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol level. It contains a compound name cinnamate, which able to decrease an enzyme that makes cholesterol, reduce the amount of fatty acid, keeping us away from cardiovascular disease. Cinnamon act as antioxidant which helps body to reduce free radicals, known as oxidative stress. The damage caused by oxidative stress can link to skin cell damage and various skin problems. Therefore, cinnamon contributes powerful polyphenol antioxidants that can cure, and fight these free radicals.

The important constituent of cinnamon, cinnamaldehyde display anti-bacterial and anti-fungal functions. Cinnamaldehyde can fight various kinds of infection and inhibit certain growth of bacterial. It helps fight tooth decay as well and has ability to remove bad breath.

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