Chamomile essential water

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We at ALBA GRUPS LTD are proud to supply a fine selection of Bulgarian distilled floral waters. These wonderful waters are produced naturally during the steam distillation of the essential oil. They are 100% pure with no additives or preservatives and contain many of the properties found in the pure essential oil.

The Chamomile water is steam distilled from fresh blossoms of Bulgarian chamomilla during the months of May and June of each year. It is a completely natural product for skin and hair application.

100% Pure and Natural Product.

Chamomile floral water Soothing and Relaxing effect on the human body. Ideal as a facial or hair toner and for soothing irritated skin. Chamomile floral water is so mild it is ideal for use on babies. It can be added to bath water or used as a calming bedding / pillow spray. Also good for homemade wipes for babies and young children as it is gentle on the hands, face and sore bottoms ! Our natural and Pure Chamomile water ensures natural protection and care for sensitive skin. Prevents against moisture loss, relieves the irritation and calms after sunburn. Freshens and nourishes the hair.

It is used widely in skincare and is said to be an good all-in-one make up remover, skin cleanser and toner.

Chamomile floral water has a slightly musky, earthy smell, however, its many wonderful properties more than make up for this.

Recommended use: for compresses in redden and tired eyes; for freshening the complexion; for rinsing of fair hair.
Application: compresses – evenings before bed; damp baths – once a week; moisturizing – mornings and evenings with wet cotton ball; rinsing the hair after washing.
Gentle hydrating and refreshing natural toner. Suitable for all skin types,
and especially for sensitive skin.

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