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Calamus plant grows about 1 metre tall. The root of the stalk is grown horizontally in tube shape form and is two meter in length .It has very strong and spicy and powerfull aroma. It is generally grown in northern hemisphere on the borders of lake and muddy branches.

The calamus plant root is branchless, hard and flowering. The leaf of this plant is yellowish green in colous and grows vertically. And the flower of the calamus plant is light greenish yellow in colour with criss cross pattern and a thick spike.


This plant is known for its anti-spasmodic property which is known as the universal tonic for the mind. It helps in stimulating the nervous system and rejuvenating the brain. They help to promote the cerebral circulation which is helpful in energising the mind and helps in prohibiting the debilitating symptoms like memory loss,epilepsy, shock and neuralgia.

This plant is used for medicinal purpose in treating problems like arthritis and memory problem and hence it is very popular in Philippines. In Korea its application depends upon its constituents in drinks and in China root stalk oil is used for its effect on mind as it has calming effect.

Calamus oil has sharp fragrance which is the reason it is also known as fragrantcanedue. According to history calamus oil is among the four oils which creates the holy blend and was given to moses.

This oil was used to anoint people at altar, the vessel, and the temple by the moses. As these plants grow in the muddy swamps moses could easily get this plant for creating this holy oil.

This oil is been in use throughout the history for the blessing because of its fragnance. It also has many curative properties which is why this fragrantcalamus essential oil is extracted from the roots. It is used for its ability for curing fever and anxiousness, dizziness, headaches, dysentery and so on.

However this oil is also helpful in treating gastrointestinal disorders because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also helpful in treating unhealthy bronchitis, congestion in digestive tracts, hangover after excessive consumption of alcoholic products, low blood pressure and arthritis. It has been used as ointment in history to increase the spiritual experience of people. Calamus oil can be applied directly on the stomach for the treatment of alimentary canal .It also can help in headache and clear out the negative thoughts from mind.

Calamus oil has strong fragrance for which this is used to make incense sticks. It is tough to get this oil so it’s mostly found in mixture with other oils. This oil is very helpful but pure calamus oil is not easily available in the market that’s why it is not safe to use every time in British rule it was prohibited from being trade.

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