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Best Vanilla Beans

Product Description

Our organic A-grade best vanilla beans have a 15-20 cm length (plump, fresh, and aromatic pods). These hand-selected bourbon vanilla beans have a perfect moisture content of around 25–30%.

Our inspection process ensures that you are buying the highest quality organic grade A vanilla beans. And it inspects the correct size, smell, aroma, and appearance before the packaging.

Grade Grade A vanilla beans (Gourmet/Premium)
Length 6-8 inches (15cm – 20cm)
Color Dark Brown
Moisture Content 25-30%
Flavor Profile Complex, Creamy, Sweet
Ingredients Organic Vanilla Beans
Product Style Whole
Shelf Life 1 year
Basic Preparation To use a vanilla bean, gently peel the outer layer (skin) and use a spoon or the back of your knife to scrape the beans out of the pods and use it as needed.
Handling / Storage Store in a cool, dry place/ Do not refrigerate
Country of Origin Sri Lanka
Dietary Preferences All-Natural, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO

If you are a chef, baker, ice cream maker, or just passionate about cooking with the highest quality vanilla pods, these beans are perfect for cooking, baking, and making all sorts of frozen desserts.

Our best vanilla beans are fleshy and easy to split. These are also extremely aromatic and have a creamy taste. Most importantly, we use the heat of the sun to dry fresh vanilla beans. It is the most natural and best method of drying beans.

True Organic Best Vanilla Beans (True 100% Certified Organic)

Our best vanilla beans come from USDA-NOP and EU-certified estates in Sri Lanka. Therefore, they have NO contamination of chemicals, and the land and organic process are certified by Control Union Sri Lanka. It is the Sri Lanka branch of Control Union Certifications of the Netherlands.

Buying vanilla Pods wholesale in bulk

If you are a retail or wholesale supplier of vanilla beans in your area (Grade A vanilla beans, Grade B vanilla beans, Vanilla Powder, etc.), we suggest you buy the best vanilla beans at our wholesale prices.

When purchasing at wholesale prices, you can save 30-40% on the same products as before. And, we are 100% sure that once you buy wholesale from us, you will not need to look for any other supplier.

At our business, we guarantee consistent quality, freshness, aroma-sealed packaging, timely deliveries, and excellent customer service. In short, we take great pride in offering premium quality vanilla beans in Sri Lanka.

In addition, our company has the capacity to produce private-label custom packaging for your vanilla order. We produce different types of packaging. For example, vanilla packets, boxes, tins, glass bottles, etc.

Therefore, you can simply go with any type of packaging you want with us.

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