Bergamot essential Oil – Organic

Product Description

Processing method of bergamot essential oil: expression without heating
Part of the plant: peel
Yield: 0.5kg of oil = about 100 kgs zests
Drops/ml: 23
Odour: Characteristic, pleasant, fresh (HEAD NOTE)
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Origin: Italy


Monoterpenes: Limonene (34 to 52%)
Esters: linalyl acetate (22 to 34%)
Alcohols: linalool (3 to 15%)

Botanical name: Citrus bergamis
Family: Rutaceae

The Bergamotier measures 3 to 5 meters and comes from tropical Asia. In addition, it loves dry land and the sun. Its fruits have a thick bark with acidic and bitter pulp. The leaves of bright green are firm, oval and persistent. Bergamotier is mainly grown in Italy. It comes from a mix of bitter orange and lime. Moreover, bergamot zest is used to flavour the famous Earl Grey tea


  • Sedative, soothes and also calms agitated subjects,
  • Antiseptic and purifier,
  • Antispasmodic,
  • Anti-infectious, bactericide and deworming,
  • Digestive stimulant, carminative and laxative,
  • Healing, fights bacteria, skin regenerator and purifier,
  • Optimises and energises certain subjects,
  • Fortifies the mind and assists in finding self-confidence.

♦Main psycho-emotional properties – inner light♦

Bergamot essential oil promotes cooperation and active participation within a social group

  • sedative, also calming,
  • makes it more consensual,
  • increases the sensation of calm,
  • strengthens the mind of those with little motivation,
  • helps to fill a lack of joy,
  • helps to find harmony.

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