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Anxiety Relief Synergy Blend Essential Oil

Product Description

Anxiety is the most common mental health illness in our fast-paced lives today and it threatens our outlook on life, causing us to wake up worrying throughout the day. People with anxiety may deal with panic attacks or withdraw from society just to cope with this rather personal issue. Needless to say, something got to be done.

While many people turn to pharmaceuticals to deal with this ailment, it may be worth looking to nature first. Essential oils are wonderful tools that can effectively help to release negative emotions and calm the mind when paired with other stress-relief techniques.

The combination of oils in our Anxiety Relief Essential Oil Blend can assist in reducing issues caused by anxiety. Our Essential oil blends cater for all your moods whether you desire mental clarity or seek relaxation. It can also be used to create the atmosphere in an oil burner or mixed at 3% with a carrier oil for body application.

Our Anxiety Relief Essential Oil Blend is a balanced mixture of our top quality essential oil consisting of Lemon, Bergamot and Lavender.

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