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A history of amber powder (also called amber sand) and its benefits is as old as amber itself. In our blogs we have already talked about Baltic amber uses and its health benefits. Baltic amber powder is derived from genuine Baltic amber, therefore its it’s mostly has been used in Eastern Europe’s alternative medicine and cosmetics. Thus, Baltic amber powder is also known to be used even in ancient Rome as a protection against different disseases. The amber powder is usually made by crushing raw amber with mortar and pestle. The natural Baltic amber crashes easily when the pressure is applied and then the grinding process is very simple. For this it can be used simple amber chip beads which crash easily. The Baltic amber has remarkable level of succinic acid also known as amber acid and widely used in alternative medicine . Even though it’s easy to make amber sand at home, it’s also sold in alternative medicine stores. It’s important to note, that for making amber powder, Baltic amber has no substitute as other type of amber found in other regions don’t have such a high level of succinic acid. Baltic ground amber contains approximately 79% carbon, 10% hydrogen, 10% oxygen and other minerals too.


Baltic amber powder use in alternative medicine

Baltic amber powder has been know for its healing and body energizing properties. The medical properties and uses were described by Hippocrates already in 460 – 377 BC. As amber itself, so amber powder is useful for mental health, helps to calm down, reduces stress, boosts immune system, inflammation, heals wounds and injuries. The Baltic amber sand / powder can be used as as food additive and applied directly on the skin. The similar properties also has Baltic amber oil described in our blog about amber oil uses and benefits. Even though amber and its components were used in ancient civilizations, its popularity grows rapidly as humanity is going back to environmentally and eco-friendly products and alternative medicine, food additives and supplements.

Most common health issues Baltic amber powder helps with:

  • Chronic pain;
  • Headaches;
  • Acne;
  • Mental disorders and stress;
  • Sleeping disorders;
  • Tiredness and fatigue;
  • Sore throat;
  • Bleeding gums (apply amber powder to your toothpaste);
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Stomach issues;
  • Pimples, other skin issues and wounds
  • Injuries
  • Strengthening hair
  • Hangover


  • amber powder in medicine

Baltic amber powder use in cosmetics

Due to its natural properties, amber powder is a popular ingredient in natural cosmetics, skincare and spa procedures. It may smooth uneven skin texture, therefore is commonly used in creams, serums, scrubs and masks and other skincare products and remedies. The Baltic amber powder effectively activates sebaceous glands. As a scrub, amber sand is often combined with other popular particles as coffee, sugar, sea salt etc. In cosmetics, Baltic amber powder may be used in its original pure form and as an ingredient in various products. Amber powder is suitable to use both for facial and body therapies.

The beauty benefits of amber powder include:

  • Improving skin’s healthy look, reducing pores and wrinkles as well signs of aging;
  • Regenerates skin;
  • Brightens skin’s tone, reduces spots and circles, red areas and bags under eyes;
  • Heals acne, pimples and other skin condition;
  • Moisturizes skin;
  • Heals cracked heels and feet;
  • Stimulates scalp and increase hair growth;
  • Reduce cramps and relaxes muscle – can be used with massage oil;
  • Neutralizes mosquito and insect bites.

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