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The road to recovery after a violent acute infection or even a chronic illness can be a long one. Even after the symptoms have subsided and the infection has cleared, the body can still feel the effect of the disease. Homeopathy, fortunately, offers a solution that enhances recovery and promotes better health in the form of the Alfalfa Tonic.

The Alfalfa Tonic has widespread benefits on the human body. It is not indicated merely after exhausting illnesses but also can be taken otherwise to promote good health. It is manufactured and distributed by Schwabe India and the quality is authentic German. Let us have a look at its range of action.

Anemia: Anemia is defined as a lack of either blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood, or a lack of both. Anemia is a widely prevalent among the Indian population, more notable in adolescent girls and women of reproductive age group. Anemia is a symptom rather than a diagnosis. It is a sign of ill nutrition and poor eating habits. It may also be seen in people suffering from eating disorders. Anemia is also common after chronic or exhausting diseases, or it may develop before the onset of a serious disease, in which case it serves as a warning sign. In children it is seen when eating habits are poor or food is not properly assimilated. Another condition that leads to development of anemia is a significant loss of blood. This may happen after accidents, or during childbirth. Anemia is also seen in people with bone marrow disorders and cancers.

Alfalfa tonic has proven its merit time and again in cases of anemia. The anemia that sets in after violent or chronic illnesses can be effectively countered by this tonic. It provides strength and stability to the body and stimulates metabolism so that blood cells and hemoglobin are better available for function. The tonic can be prescribed in people who have suffered significant loss of blood to stimulate red cell production and help in faster recovery. Adolescent girls going through puberty can also be prescribed this tonic as an aid to maintain vitality during the menstrual phases.

Lack of appetite:
Alfalfa tonic stimulates and enhances metabolism. A person having a sluggish metabolism generally feels low on energy and does not have an adequate desire to eat. Alfalfa tonic smooths out this sluggish body metabolism and promotes hunger. This is not to say that it will make a person gain undue weight. This means that an efficient metabolism sets in after regular intake of this tonic so that a healthy body weight is better maintained. Children who complain of not being hungry and are generally poor eaters are greatly benefitted by this tonic. Regular intake of this remedy makes them better eaters and helps them gain adequate body weight as per their age.

Mental alertness:
Alfalfa tonic proves useful in cases of nervous weakness, lack of concentration, inability to focus, and low efficiency. It makes a person mentally alert, strong willed and better equipped to handle the challenges of life. As we know mental and physical health are co-dependent. A weak body drastically reduces the mental faculty of a person and an ill mind leads to physical illnesses. With the regular intake of Alfalfa tonic this relationship can be improved from both ends. A person feels mentally stronger and sharper and is able to use his mind (and body) more efficiently.

Regeneration after exhausting illness:
As mentioned earlier, Alfalfa tonic is frequently prescribed by homeopaths for persons who have just been through a violent or exhausting illness. Weakness of the body after such an ordeal can be tackled by a nutritious diet supplemented by this tonic. It helps the person recover faster and more smoothly and they can go back to their routine quicker.

Diseases like typhoid, dengue fever, malaria, etc. are especially notorious in causing a long-standing weakness until much after they complete their course. Muscle and bone pains, headaches, a poor appetite, weakness and debility, and an inability to focus at work are all symptoms of this post-infection lethargy. Even latent diseases or viruses (like herpes zoster) can make a reappearance once the body has been weakened by a particularly strong infection. Such an attack can be prevented by the judicious use of Alfalfa tonic that not only provides strength after a severe illness but also helps people to get back to their normal life faster.

Digestive functions:
It is not uncommon for people to have non-specific digestive disturbances. In such cases no particular diagnosis can be made but a general sluggishness and inefficiency in digestive functions are seen. Bowel habits are either irregular or unsatisfactory. A resulting feeling of fullness and discomfort is usual. In case the liver is working inefficiently, even jaundice may be seen. Alfalfa tonic helps to straighten out this digestive sluggishness and promotes a healthy and smooth digestion. A resulting improvement in metabolism and subsequently, in health, can be noted after regular use of this tonic. Digestive issues that affect children can also be improved with Alfalfa tonic.

Nervous tension, stress and irritability:
Mental stress can perhaps be called the plague of the modern world. The faster our lifestyle becomes, the more stressful our minds get. Everything from day-to-day errands to our work culture has the potential to cause mental unrest. This stress has heavy implications if it persists, and it remains one of the leading causes of various chronic diseases. Stress can cause anything from cardiovascular problems to endocrinological (or hormonal) issues. Also, a stressed person is an irritable person who cannot work to their full efficiency and productivity. This has multiple physical and psychological implications. Alfalfa tonic helps to ease this mental stress and tension and makes a person better equipped to tackle mental challenges.
Contents of Alfalfa tonic: Alfalfa tonic by Schwabe India contains various homeopathic remedies that are known to have a positive effect on almost all of the body’s metabolic processes. These remedies are combined in a well-tested strategic formulation to provide the most effective results. It contains the following homeopathic remedies:

Acid phosphoricum: It is known for its effect on nervous weakness and debility.

Alfalfa: It improves appetite, digestive efficiency, mental sharpness and improves the overall functioning of a body.

Avena sativa: It is especially known to provide strength and vigor after exhausting illnesses. It fights fatigue and is even known to be of help in drug dependence.

Cinchona officinalis: It is well-known to fight debility, weakness and loss of appetite, especially after violent diseases.

Cinnamonum: It helps improve circulation.

Hydrastis: It is well-known for countering debility and wasting, especially in the elderly.

Kali ars: It helps fight long-standing anemia, nervousness and restlessness.

Nux vomica: This can probably be called a ‘lifestyle’ remedy. Modern and urban lifestyles come with their own set of complications and problems and this remedy has an excellent action against such symptoms.

Dosage: Generally, one tablespoon is taken before meals, thrice a day. It is recommended that children take half this dose.
To sum up, Alfalfa tonic can be seen as a comprehensive and complete solution to multiple metabolism and health issues. This homeopathic tonic is a highly beneficial aid to achieve good mental and physical health and can be taken by young and old alike. Buy Alfalfa Tonic online at www.schwabeindia.com.

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