Adria tea – From one friend to another friend tea

Product Description

Artisan herbal tea blend

Pyramid tea bags

Adria-tea is a very pleasant tea, full of flavor with a refreshing note. Ideal during autumn and winter seasons – helps you fight against flu and cold. In the summertime ideal as a refreshing everyday beverage.

This is a premium herbal blend made of rose hip, Croatian I class premium chamomile, nettle, lemon balm, flowers of elder, linden, blackberry, and marigold. “Adria-tea” is characterized by the smell and taste of herbs that reminds you of freshly dried herbs that you have once picked by yourself. When you open this tea, you will be surprised at the freshness of the herbs that are in this tea.

The color of the Adria- tea varies from golden to the reddish color, and this tea is designed for all ages to drink and enjoy it.

It will be your new best herbal tea for family and friends.

Caffeine and tannin-free. Our best herbal tea blends.

This beautiful packaging of “Adria-tea – From one friend to another” tea blend contains 30 pyramid tea bags.

PLEASE NOTE: It is also called “Podravski caj”

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