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Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Candle

Product Description

Breathe in the sensual, exotic, and calming aroma of this romantic favourite. The slightly sweet and floral fragrance helps calm your heart and release negative emotions.

220g: 55+ hour burn time. Made from a luxurious wax blend that contains coconut wax and rice bran wax.


Infused with exquisite, premium-quality essential oils, the Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Candle is a perfect mood-booster that will promote romance and relaxation. The sensual, exotic, and calming qualities of ylang ylang essential oils make this a romantic favourite.

A more sustainable and clean-burning alternative to paraffin wax candle and soy wax candle.

Crafted from natural essential oils and premium-quality wax to not only fill your space with toxin-free calming aroma but also to be a self-care ritual.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil:

The sweet tropical floral fragrance of the ylang ylang essential oil makes the scented candle so captivating, with its spicy-balsamic undertones. It’s usually compared to jasmine, as they both have this heady, slightly exotic fragrance. With various traditional uses, the ylang ylang smell is said to stimulate the adrenal glands — helping to bring about feelings of calm, confidence and love. 

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