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Ximenia Seed Oil

Product Description

Ximenia americana, commonly known as tallowwood, hog plum, yellow plum, sea lemon, or pi’ut (Chamorro), is a small sprawling tree of woodlands native to the African tropics. This drought-resistant, mostly solitary tree grows at low altitudes in many habitats, including savannahs, dry woodlands, dry forests, and coastal areas or riverbanks. It has a wide geographical distribution.

Oil Characteristics and Properties 

Ximenia oil is beneficial because of its content of saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids (about 99%), which makes it stable for oxidation. Experiments have shown that the oil is helpful for dry skin prone to early senescence. It is beneficial to improve the function of the sebaceous tissues.

General Attributes

The oil helps preserve the integrity of the cell wall, has a restructuring effect, and has an anti-ageing effect on the skin. Its long-chain fatty acids bring good substantivity and nourish and moisturise, while Ximenia oil naturally revitalises the skin.

  • Moisturising the skin, soothing dry skin
  • Non-drying characteristics
  • Improving the function of sebaceous glands to improve lubrication of skin and hair
  • Excellent for anti-ageing

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