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Vanilla Supreme flavor oil

Product Description

Vanilla Supreme: Creamy, rich and very vanilla. This is one of our best selling flavor oils. This product is FDA approved and GRAS.

This unsweetened flavor oil is safe to use on the lips and in edible massage oils, it is edible and may be used in candy and other edible applications. This flavor oil is in an oil base and is wheat-free. The formula for the oil is proprietary to the manufacturer and they will not divulge it.Recommended Usage Rate: 3/4 teaspoon to 8 ounces of lip balm; 1-1/2 teaspoons for a pound of lip balm.

NOTE:  Any product containing vanilla or derivatives of vanilla will tend to turn dark as it ages.  Ageing could take place 3 months from the manufacturing date, 6 months or later.  For an oil, this means that you may receive the oil with a light yellow color today but may receive the same oil in a much darker reddish-brown color three months from now or later.  This color change does not mean the product is old or expired, it’s the same product but its components have transformed as time passes.  If you will use a vanilla-containing oil in any soap making process, please read our fragrance oil descriptions.  All fragrances have been tested in soap making processes by an experienced soapmaker, the results she obtained are included in our descriptions.

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