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USB Flame Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

Product Description

1.Function: Humidifier + Essential oil diffuser + Flame effect night light

2.Type: Ultrasonic Aroma diffuser

3.Mist Output : 20 to 30ml / hours

4.Continue Working time around 6 hours

5.Materials:ABS + PP + Electronic Components


Model LC305
Material PP+Electronic components
Size 200x80x125mm
Water tank capacity 300ML
Voltage 5V 1A
Mist 20-30ML/H


Flame Essential Oil Resin Diffuser FEATURES:

Super Quiet

Using unique noise reduction technology, the essential oil diffuser noise can be controlled under 25dB, in conjunction with the flame night lamp, the brightness is adjustable, creating the perfect sleeping atmosphere. Essential oil diffusers purify and humidify air to keep dry skin and chapped lips away

Waterless Auto Shut-off and BPA FREE

The essential oil diffuser will turn off automatically when the timer button is pressed. Just focus on your yoga meditation or work without distraction. Because of the waterless auto shut-off design, our diffuser will automatically stop working when the water runs out. There is no potential security risk to you or your family. In addition, the essential oil diffuser is made from bPA-free materials.

Perfect for Ultrasonic Aromatherapy 

Essential Oil Diffuser is perfect for home, office yoga. Add 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil to relieve fatigue, moisturize skin, reduce stress and create a perfect environment for you!

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