To Pervoli tou Theodorou

Teo ice tea: Organic sage and levander with mango aroma

Product Description

The drink consists of the extract of organic herbs, natural grape juice, natural black carrot juice and natural aroma (extract) of mango.Therefore, the tea does not have added sugar and that is why the statement “does not contain sugar” was placed on the label.

The tea is characterized by an intense taste but also enjoyable by its herb and the wonderful mango aroma.

Properties of tea herbs:

Antipyretic, antiperspirant properties, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, cardiotonic and antidiabetic properties, antimicrobial action with effective control of pneumococcus, bronchitis, typhoid and tuberculosis.

Relieves migraines, muscle, rheumatic and neuralgic pains.  Tones and strengthens.  It offers a calming effect against anxiety and insomnia.  Helps digestion and acts against diarrhea.

Teo ice tea is the first Cypriot ice tea with organic herbs.

It is:

  • Made in Cyprus
  • 100% pure and natural product
  • Without honey,sugar or even stevia for sweetener, but natural juice!
  • An enjoyable, refreshing and absolutely healthy drink!
  • Vegan
  • With natural colour,aroma and taste

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