Tea Tree Mouthwash – Peppermint

Product Description

  • Flavored with xylitol and peppermint oil
  • Alcohol-free mouthwash with Aloe vera, peelu and more
  • Excellent for daily oral hygiene

Tea Tree Oil, from the Australian Melaleuca tree, is one of the world’s best oils for cleansing and nourishing soft tissues. That’s why it’s becoming a favorite ingredient in oral care products like our Swanson Ultra Fresh Peppermint Flavor Tea Tree Mouthwash. This gentle oral rinse combines cleansing, nourishing tea tree oil with soothing Aloe vera gel and refreshing peppermint oil. Sweetened only with xylitol and featuring witch hazel, this alcohol-free mouthwash is perfect for daily use even for those with sensitive gums.

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