Bleu d'Argens

Sweet Lavender

Product Description

This combination of vegetable oils and sugar is recommended as a moisturizing scrub to eliminate impurities and dead cells.

For more details :

What Happiness! For a deep natural exfoliation, which also nourishes the skin. To be used on previously washed skin, your skin will be satiny thanks to a unique combination of oils that moisturize, flowers and sugar that erase impurities and dead cells. Your skin will be softer and more luminous.

Based on cane sugar to gently exfoliate the skin and packed with fine Lavender AOP essential oil and Shea butter to moisturize it. The light aroma of essential oils leaves the skin satiny and delicately scented.

Sugar exfoliates on two levels: it contains glycolic acid which penetrates and weakens the bonds of dead skin cells while its grains expel them after having detached them, all without drying effect.

Shea butter, olive oil and apricot kernels rehydrate and leave a silky veil on the skin to protect it and make it radiant!

Packaging: 260 ml pomegranate.

How to use :

Mix the sugar and oil with a spoon or your fingers. Apply the scrub by circular massages on damp skin. Insist on the roughest places: elbows, knees, feet. Rinse thoroughly and wipe without rubbing. Emollient oils leave a protective and conditioning film on the skin, leaving it smooth, satiny, hydrated and delicately scented.
You will not have to take any other care after this exfoliation since the skin will also have been nourished.

Can be used both on the body and on the face.

NB2: Elected product of the 2008 return to school by “La Maison Bio” Smile.

INCI ingredients: Sucrose, Olea Europaea*, Prunus Armeniaca, Cocos Nucifera*, Butyrospermum Parkii*, Persea Gratissima*, lavandula augustifolia oil, limonene**, linalool**. *Product from Organic Farming. **Naturally present in essential oils. 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

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