Soap Nuts

Product Description

Soap nuts are known as soapnuts, soapberries, washing nuts, soap nut shells, wash nuts are basically the dried out shells from the soapberry (or soapberry nut). These berries are the fruit from a unique tree species. Soap Nuts releases saponin when comes in contact with water that produces a soaping effect. Saponin is a 100% organic alternative to synthetic laundry detergents and cleansers. It can substitute many synthetic detergents such as those containing sodium laureth sulphates (SLS) which is a skin irritant and wellbeing hazard.

Soap nuts have been used from ancient times as detergent for personal hygiene, and as a cleanser for other household purposes like dish-washing, laundries, etc. Soap Nuts equally are good insect & mosquito repellents. Soap Nuts from Nepal are the best in the world! We don’t say this, independent researches show this.

Our soap nuts are collected from the wilds of Nepal and are carefully hand-sorted so that we can offer the best of our products to you. Quality control is an integral part of the process starting right from the collection phase until it is finally packed as per the individual requirements of our clients.

Sample Ordering
You can also order a sample pack of soap nuts before you go for a bulk order. Please let us know your sample requirement. All the sample orders are shipped using courier service like Aramex, DHL or Fedex.

Packaging & Private Labeling
We do the packaging, both in bulk as well as in individual packets. Packaging is based entirely on your requirement. Whether you want us to help you with the packaging or you would want to do it at your end, is completely on you. Bulk Packaging will be done in carton boxes. It will hold quantities ranging from 350 – 400 units per box. Under Private Labeling, we will do the packaging in cotton drawstring bags with or without your logo printed on it. Most popular packing is a set of 4 & 6, when it comes to packing in cotton bags. Also, depending on your order quantity, we can manufacture boxes for you, boxes that carry 3 dryer balls each. In both the cases, you will have to provide us with the design artwork.

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