Snail slime 95% pure 30 ml, aloe vera aroma cedar

Product Description

This product will allow you to heal various damages and problems of the skin, and at the same time it will allow you to have incredibly fragrant, well-groomed, more beautiful and younger skin.


The slime is obtained in a completely harmless way for the animals: no damage is done to the snails during the slime collection . In fact, snails produce this secretion under normal conditions to repair their wounds, and then release it. Once released it is collected by producers.

Legend has it that, after the Chernobyl tragedy, snails were the only living organism not to undergo mutations. This defense from radiation would have derived precisely from the protection of their miraculous slime.

Although the medical discovery is only recent, there are actually much older testimonies on the effectiveness of snail slime. In some writings from about 2000 years ago, Hippocrates already spoke of how useful snails are for skin care.

The chemical composition of snail slime makes this ingredient truly unique. It contains: allantoin, collagen, glycolic acid, lactic acid, anti-protease, vitamins (including A and E) and trace minerals.

All these ingredients are capable of regenerating the skin, hydrating, nourishing and exfoliating it. In addition to face or body creams, or pure, it can also be applied several times a day to counteract spots, scars, blemishes, and above all for its incredible anti-aging effect.

Snail slime acts with antioxidant and stimulating activity at the cellular level . A cream based on snail slime has the ability to defend the skin from pollution and sun rays thanks to its antioxidant action.

Furthermore it has action:

  • anti-wrinkle : stimulates fibroblasts to proliferate, while helping the restructuring of the extracellular matrix of the dermis. It acts as a filler thanks to the presence of collagen, elastin, vitamins and mucopolysaccharides.
  • moisturizing : allows the hydration of the skin, improving its elasticity thanks to allantoin and glycolic acid. Its moisturizing capacity is due to the mucopolysaccharides present capable of retaining water on the skin for longer.
  • regenerating : prevents the formation of scars and hyperpigmentation (skin spots), helping to accelerate the renewal of damaged tissues. Useful for the same reason against spots, even long-standing ones (such as those left by acne). These effects are due to the combination of allantoin, collagen and vitamins.
  • anti-stretch marks : also useful during pregnancy. With the more difficult ones it can take a few months to get visible results.
  • anti-acne : excellent for combating both juvenile and late-stage acne. The results are visible after just a few weeks of use. It also acts on redness and inflammation, fighting the bacteria present and acting with an astringent function.
  • Soothing : excellent for combating redness and irritation due, for example, to the sun or cold. This effect is also due to allantoin and mucopolysaccharides.
  • Nutritional : due to the high quantity of proteins and vitamins present.

Snail slime is one of the most incredible active ingredients on the market. It is capable of eliminating stretch marks and scars, hydrating dry skin and fighting acne. Among the most interesting properties, we want to underline that preventing wrinkles and smoothing out those already present.

The substances that form it make it the ideal ingredient for all skin creams, especially for face and body creams. It acts with action: moisturizing, anti-reddening, anti-acne, anti-stretch marks, soothing, lightening against spots (even around the eyes) and filling for skin marks (wrinkles and scars).

Snail slime can be used pure or in a preparation.

It can also be applied several times a day, 2-3 times, on the affected areas. It takes about 5-6 weeks of treatment to see the effects.

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