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Sky Fruit (Swietenia macrophylla) Standardized Extract Powder

Product Description

Swietenia macrophylla is a tropical timber tree from the tropics of Mexico and Central America. It is part of the Meliaceae family and is very prized for its mahogany wood. It is abundantly planted in Southeast Asia. Besides being prized for its wood, the seeds, also known as “sky fruit”, had been traditionally used as a folk medicine to treat diabetes, pain, and hypertension.

It is named Buah Tunjuk Langit in Malay. It gets its unique name from the way it hangs on a tree. Usually, most fruits hang downward, but the sky fruit hangs upwards, and its stalk points upwards to the sky. Sky fruit is found as a whole, but it can be broken and remove the seed. The seed can be chewed and swallowed with warm water, but it tastes very bitter. The seed can be used to prepare healthy tea. It is also made into powder or tablets for selling online.

Our skyfruit extract is extracted with ultrasonic-assisted extraction using water and further spray dried into powder so it does not contain any insoluble fibers. The extract powder is active compound concentrated and can be dissolved fully in water so it can be easily used as a raw ingredient in health supplement to exert a variety of health properties.

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