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Shikakai Anti-Hair Loss And Dandruff Shampoo

Product Description

Control fall, dandruff and grease for normal or oily hair

  • A natural shampoo for normal or oily hair formulated with a powerful base of plant extracts and active ingredients selected for their ability to cleanse, soothe, detoxify, balance, revitalize and regenerate hair.
  • It is ideal for treating hair that needs to strengthen the roots and act against hair loss , control oiliness or treat a scalp condition such as dandruff, flaking or seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Shikakai is enriched with botanical extracts, infused in Thermal Water , of Shikakai, Nettle, Artemisia Macho, Nasturtium, Spirulina and Green Tea . In addition, it also contains essential oils of Mint, Rosemary, Cedar, Lemon and Lavender, a purifying, regulating, circulation-activating, hair-strengthening combination that also contributes to its growth.
  • Its formula is completed with Jojoba and Coconut , moisturizing, conditioning and restructuring oils for the hair fiber, intensive repairing Panthenol as well as Silk Proteins and Hydrokeratin, which will help to restore the hair fiber and increase its elasticity to reduce breakage.
  • It does not alter the color in dyed hair. With regular use, it will provide strength, health and vitality to the hair, eliminating all those residues, silicones, parabens or sulphates that can clog pores, irritate the scalp or weaken it.
  • Hypoallergenic, mild and high tolerance formula.
  • Suitable for all types of hair and especially indicated for normal or oily hair. I use daily.
  • Suitable for dyed hair or Keratin treatments, hydration, taninoplasty, etc.

Shikakai stands out for its purifying, regulating and activating composition of circulation , thanks to its combination of botanical extracts and essential oils. Its moisturizing properties provide softness, shine and strength, regulate pH and control dandruff; all this without removing the natural oils from the hair itself . If yours looks brittle and lifeless, it may be lacking in protein, essential for its health and growth . Shikakai contains Silk Proteins and Hydrokeratin, a very effective alternative for very porous hair that tends to become saturated with excessively greasy products . Restore your hair, increase its elasticity and reduce breakage.

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