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Serenity Now™ is a powerful herbal formula that helps calm the nervous system quickly. This nerve support formula is your go-to product for fast relief of “in the moment” stress or emotional upset.

Serenity Now is perfect for…

  • Stressful situations
  • When you want to calm strong emotions
  • Need a moment of peace and calm
  • Works instantly!

After a couple of sprays in your mouth, you will begin to feel the formula working as your tongue begins to have a slight numbing sensation from the Kava, a powerful, relaxing herb from the Fiji Islands. As the Kava and the rest of the herbs in the formula take effect, you’ll feel a relaxing sensation throughout your body and mind, helping to melt the stress away.]

Holy Basil – Holy basil, also known as Tulsi, is a fun herb to take. You can feel the grounding effect right away. It has been shown to encourage normal cortisol and blood sugar levels – both essential for having energy and feeling happy. It also has the ability to lower the stress-induced release of adrenal hormones.

Motherwort – Want to take the edge off? Feeling strong emotions like anger, frustration, exhaustion or sadness? Try Motherwort. This gorgeous plant takes the edge off. Calming to the nervous system and supportive of the heart, Motherwort also works long-term towards building a more resilient nervous system as well.

Kava Kava – Kava is one of those herbs that you will never forget after using it only once. The second Kava touches your mouth, you will feel a numbness travel down your throat. A calm follows and descends throughout your body. Kava works as a muscle relaxant and calmative. It is not an adaptogen, but is very useful in stressful moments and for “freak-outs.” It is a top choice for those experiencing anxiety.

Lemon Balm – Also known as Sweet Melissa (it smells as good as it sounds), lemon balm is a wonderful nervine. Calming to the nervous system, lemon balm is also antiviral – supporting to the immune system.

Passionflower – Considered a nervine and hypnotic, passionflower is the most sedating of all nervines. It has a sedating and soothing action on the nervous system. It is helpful for those who have trouble transitioning into restful sleep due to circular thinking. It is also helpful for stress induced headaches.

St John’s Wort – Popular for its many medicinal qualities, St. John’s Wort has a sedating and calming affect on the nervous system – making it helpful for anxiety, tension, and irritability.

Honey – Locally grown, raw honey is used in the formula to add flavor and sweetness to your day.

Cinnamon Essential Oil – Cinnamon essential oil is used in this formula to make it taste delicious as well for its ability to help to increase the rate of absorption of the herbs in the body.

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