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Seabuckthorn Seed Oil (SCF)


Product Description

Ingredients: Vitamin E; Linoleic acid; Linolenic acid; Oleic acid

Usage: Ideal material for drugs; health food and cosmetics etc

Specification: 20kgs per polyethene drum; out-lined in export carton

Valid period: 1year

Storage: Store in a cool, dry and place avoiding light.


a) Boost immunity;

b) Resist radiation;

c) Restrain cancer (inner usage )

d) Cure knife cuts, burns, rossaca, acne etc (outer application)


1. Pure natural

Seabuckthorn seed oil extracted from the seabuckthorn seeds is a 100% pure &natural. The activity of Vitamin E contained in the oil is 100 times stronger than the synthesized.

2.High concentration

1 ton of seabuckthorn seeds come from 20 tons of seabuckthorn berries; 1 ton of seabuckthorn seed oil comes from 20 tons of seabuckthorn seeds which means 250ml of seabuckthorn seed oil is the result of concentration from 100kgs of seabuckthorn berries.

3.High technology

The production process of seabuckthorn seed oil adopts the world top-class SCF(supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction) technology. This “green” and environmental protection separation technology is a pure physical process with following advantages:

a) Colorless, insipid, toxic-free, safe.

b) High extraction rate, high purity.

c) Low extraction temperature, fully reserve bioactive substances.

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