Sddhik Immuno Buzz Tisane

Product Description


GiloySatva, Lemon, Dry Ginger, Clove, Cumin Seed, Sugar, Basil, Cardamom, Black pepper, Green Tea & Rock Salt


  • Helps to control weight
  • Beneficial in dengue &Chikungunya fever.
  • Helps to boost Immune system.
  • Helps in Digestion.
  • Removes Breath’s Odour.
  • Provides energy in Body.
  • Good Source of Vitamin A & Vitamin C.
  • Better Substitute of Tea & Coffee.
  • Removes Toxins from body.
  • 100% Vegan Product
  • No added colors or flavors.
  • Natural & healthy alternative to regular nutrition drinks


We all crave for strong immune-system to keep fatal infections and bacterial diseases at bay. In fact, it becomes even more vital during current times when the entire world is fighting against the deadly virus. But, the good news is that you can amplify your immunity system with an incredible product, Immuno Buzz Tisane. It is the Best Herbal Tea For Immunity that you can buy without causing a dent in your pockets. Siddhik Herbs, a leading herbal products brand, launched a 100% pure and vegan product to enhance the immune system which protects us from harmful infections, germs, and, enhances our day-to-day performance.

The powerful immunity booster justifies its name in a true sense by offering the best and natural herbs, including, Giloysatva, clove, cumin seed, lemon, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, green tea, rock salt, and basil. It acts as a miraculous product to treat indigestion, dengue, chikungunya fever, and many more common day-to-day diseases naturally without giving any side-effects to your body.

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