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Schisandra Berry Blush

Product Description

Schisandra Berry Blush (formerly Omija Berry Blush) is a gorgeous blend highlighting the remarkable Schisandra berry. Schisandra Berry Blush combines Schisandra with complementary botanicals to make a refreshingly tart, sweet and unforgettably fragrant beauty blend. The lovely collection of pink, purple, blue and scarlet herbs release an inviting blush of rosé color when infused. Accents of lavender, strawberry and Chilean rosehips lend aromatic complexity that ties together in a deeply refreshing and balanced finish. Naturally caffeine free, Schisandra Berry Blush can be enjoyed at any time of day.


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Rishi Herb Lab

Tasting Notes

This delightfully sweet and tangy beauty blend highlights the natural balance of Omija berries with accents of luscious strawberry and succulent rosehips.


Organic schisandra berries, organic strawberries, organic rosehips, organic maqui berries, organic lavender flowers, organic red wine grape skins, organic hibiscus flowers, organic blackberry leaves

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