Product Description

Started from 2007, Naturalin began planting rosemary around Hunan for 178 acre, formed a whole process control system from raw materials to product processing, which ensured the quality of rosemary series products. It also developed a series of deep-processed rosemary products, including soluble antioxidant rosemary acid products, oil-soluble antioxidants carnosic acid products, daily use rosemary essential oil, medical products- ursolic acid. After application and development of 5 years, Naturalin branded rosemary compound dedicated to personal care is developed.

Applications :
1. Food additive ingredients, Various animal and vegetable oils, animal feed, meat products, seafood, flour, sauces, seasonings, baked goods, fried products, natural pigments, flavors;
2. Personal care ingredients, Cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, air fresheners, insect repellents.

Strict Quality Control on Foreign matters, Heavy Metals, Micro-organism & Pesticides Residue, etc.
· Customized quality requirements to meet each client’s demand.
· Meet CP, USP, or EU Pharma standard.

Why Naturalin
· Quality Oriented, TQM system;
· Expert & Professional team;
· Comprehensive Lab Test machines;
· Free samples for evaluation;
· Customized service;

ISO9001, FSSC22000, USDA Organic, etc.

Naturalin GAP Plant Bases Glances
Naturalin GAP Plant Bases Glances



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