Rose-Lilac Facial Toner

Product Description

Rose-Lilac Facial Toner is a magical elixir.

100% pure Rose flower water with soothing and moisturizing effects, offering great hydration. High in vitamin A & C and antioxidants, which are often considered good anti-aging vitamins. Lilac flowers will tighten your skin and reduce skin sagging.

Benefits of the pure Rosewater are known for centuries and it’s suitable for all skin types. Rose has very valuable properties, besides it’s luxury odor it contains many minerals and vitamins.

Lilac flowers have a unique plant extract that will act at the molecular level to rejuvenate the inner layers of your dermis. Together with its refreshing and astringent properties, it is a potent skin toner that will tighten your skin and reduce skin sagging.

Usage: Spray rose water on your face, wrists, body, hair, or even onto your pillow.
Use it as a facial cleanser or toner. Add to face- & hair masks or use it as a compress for inflamed areas.

It takes around 3500-4000kg of rose petals to produce 1 kg of rose oil and all are hand-picked – there’s no automation in that regard.
INCI: Rosa Damascena Flower Water*, Syringa vulgaris*, Ethyl Alcohol certified organic*, aqua.
*100% organic

Store in a cool and dry place.
Rose oil content: 0,05 %, pH 4.5
Rose Floral water: CAS #: 90106-38-0
Produced: Bulgaria

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