Ritual Tea Set, N60, 105g.

Product Description

UNIQUE TEA BAG FLAVORS AND SPECIAL DESIGN. Not only each flavor can surprise with different taste, but our decorative box can awe with beautiful design and unique functionality. We created a one-of-a-kind design, with a stunning mandala placed on top of it, for you to color. For this cause, tea box can have your personal touch, can be used in calming coloring experience. People, who color mandalas can express their creative side and experience calming therapeutic moments. Accordingly, tea box is sustainable, can be used after the tea bags are gone, and take a decorative place in home.

Contains: Inspiration. Fruit tea; Yoga. Herbal tea; Harmony. Herbal tea; Mindfulness. Herbal tea; Energy. Green tea with matcha; Self-love. Fruit tea.


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