Rhymba Hills

Rhymba Hills® Double Wall Glass Mug (400ml)

Product Description

Double Wall Glass Cups Within the double walls of these lightweight glass cups, tea appears to float. More than merely an artful touch, the design insulates and eliminates condensation, making these glasses among the most pleasant and practical to use for hot or iced tea.

The healthy gift that we recommend is our newly launched “Double Wall Glass Mug” which comes with F.R.E.E tea samples:

  • Rhymba Hills® Java Tea Blend (Misai Kucing + Ceylon Cinnamon)
  • Rhymba Hills® Reevitalise (Lemongrass+Bentong Ginger)
  • Rhymba Hills® Reelax (Lemongrass+Pandan)
  • Rhymba Hills® Reefresh (Lemongrass+Bentong Ginger+Pandan). A tip, many love our Lemongrass+Bentong Ginger+Pandan blend!)

Two walls of glass produce an insulating layer that keeps hot drinks hot while remaining cool to the touch outside (say goodbye to messy condensation!).

The perfect gift for those who love a nice cup of tea, hot or cold! And an aesthetic piece of drinkware!

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