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Red Tongkat Ali (Stema tuberosa) Standardized Extract Powder

Product Description

Red tongkat ali or Malaysian Red Ginseng comes from a scientific plant known as Stema Tuberosa. This comes from a species known as Jackiopsis Ornate from the family of Rubaceae. This rare tree found growing in virgin rainforests up to 400 metres altitude in Peninsular Malaysia. The plant is similar to Stemona Tuberosa is also found in remote parts of China, Indonesia and Thailand. The root has its name due to its distinct strong red colour and after drying, usually it turns into light red. The acceptable taste is one of the reasons why this root is still popular among locals. The smell and taste of the red tongkat ali are similar to that of ginseng. Compared to yellow and black tongkat ali, it can taste slightly sweet. It means that the level of eurycomanone is the lowest in the red tongkat ali.

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